My name is Bart Kuijer, I am a fourth-year game technology and producing student who is currently enrolled at the Saxion University.

Before I dived deep into game development, I first obtained a degree in Application Development. Over the course of two years worth of internship, I managed to obtain knowledge in multiple coding languages and had the opportunity to work in some dynamic environments such as Boerdam and xprezzion limited. Whilst I enjoyed developing websites for clients, building a prototype iPhone app for a small company and working on updates for a financial management software suite, I soon began to realize my potential was able to expand outside of app development.

With my passion for programming and my love for video games, it only seemed fitting for me to dive into a gaming course and chase my ambition to be a game developer. Having the ability to express my creativity through code whilst working on the most interactive form of media around was an opportunity I didn't want to miss!